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In honor of Sucker Punch, I have decided to paint my nails black. I bought this Chanel nail polish a few years ago. I’ve used about half of it and it has become rather sticky. I only had to use one coat! I also had to trim my nails super short in order to make this coat last longer. I’ve noticed when my nails are longer they chip more easily, so… we’re going to try this way! So far so good. I gardened last night and my nails have yet to chip. Stoked. 

Now this is one of the best, and darkest black nail polishes I’ve boughten but… for the price there has to be something close to it. 28 dollars a bottle can be quite expensive, especially when you paint your nails as often as I do (about once a week). I’d rather pay 4 bucks and be able to put that extra 20 towards my cosplay costumes and wigs and make up (and everything else.)

I mean really, you are just buying the brand, and no one is going to be able to tell the difference between a 4 dollar bottle of nail polish and a 30 dollar one. So all in all, I would say its best to skip out for something less expensive. 

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