I am an anime addict, a comic consumer, a football fanatic, a gamer girl, and a serious shopaholic . Honestly, I'm just a girl, geeking out.


My new vlog! A week in the life of a Geek Girl. My 5 minute rants on all things I geek out over. Enjoy! 

PS feedback would be lovely. Loves. 

The Kitty that I want vs. The Kitty that I have. Yes, this is my Kairo. I got the claws when I tried to take my cup back. 

Have I told you how much I adore this game yet…? well…. I love love love it!

doesthisunithaveaboner asked
ah, yeah i looked her up, that is going to be one awesome cosplay. i look forward to seeing it :) thanks for the follow btw!

any time doll face. I’m very very excited too especially since I have yet to encounter another Cana cosplay! I’ll keep photos up to date so you can see my progress. 

doesthisunithaveaboner asked
i was browsing through the cosplay tag and saw your tat. did you get that for a cosplay? if so, that is some awesome dedication!

I did get it for a cosplay! I’m going to premier it at SacAnime this summer! I’m going to be Cana from Fairy Tail. I relate to her so much, its scary. We are like, the same person. So I figured, why not? Hurt so bad but soooo worth it. 

Getting the outline finished!!!! Cannot believe I actually did this. Hurt like a mutha! No joke, but all in all I feel it was sooo worth it. Now all I have to worry about is showering properly. Ha!

It should be healed enough to do touch ups in two weeks, and then another week and a half to heal. Perfect timing for SacAnime summer 2012!! I’m so excited! Gahhh don’t you just love new cosplays?